• Kimberly Panko, LCPC Montana BBH-LCPC-LIC-50086 Alaska 169890

    Have you experienced a loss? Do you feel the world is spinning away from you?  Grief is an intensely personal experience and is not always about death. We grieve each time we have a loss, due to death, a relationship that ended, loss of a career, or loss due to trauma. I am a certified Grief Counselor and would consider it a privilege to journey with you. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured, and you are not alone. If you’re struggling to feel empowered, stuck, or unhappy, counseling is an opportunity for a client to learn about themselves and improve their life.  We all need help at times accessing our own voice, working through the ways we are stuck, and finding happiness. It is a different journey for each person, and I consider it an honor to walk alongside someone who is seeking change.

    I work to build a trusting, safe relationship, and give the client as much support as they need. Using a holistic approach I implement evidence-based modalities such as Somatic based therapies, Solution Focused Therapy and Mindfulness while blending it with non-traditional modalities such as Yoga Therapy, Expressive Art Therapy, and Ecotherapy. These modalities often make it possible to express what is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to communicate with words.

    I received my master’s in counseling psychology from Prescott College in 2010 and am licensed in both Montana and Alaska. At this time, I work with adults in both the individual and group setting who need the space to find or rediscover their voice in the midst of grief and loss, aging/life changes, substance use, anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, trauma, or anger management. I am currently offering both in person and telehealth sessions.