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    We offer Sensorimotor Skills Group. (on hold until social distancing is over) Tuesdays every other week at 1:30 Starting 9/7/21

    This group teaches skills that include

    1. Meditation principles to build the capacity to observe oneself.
    2. Building connections on positive experiences rather than traumatic history.
    3. Helping intervene in thoughts/feelings/body sensations.
    4. Separating traumatic schemas from present experience.
    5. Understanding the parallel life that trauma survivors live.
    6. The basics of working with parts of self.
    7. Harnessing habituated responses and exploring new choices.
    8. Exploring new ways of perceiving current life circumstances.

    We also offer Authentic Movement group Wednesdays at 1:30 every other week and individual sessions. Authentic Movement is a mindfulness based movement practice. It is done in a dance studio with individuals, and groups. In this practice, physical movement can create a bridge between the implicit and explicit memory. This can create the possibility to explore internal material, as well as the relationship between the inside and outside, seeing and being seen. As people commit to the process of Authentic Movement, slowly, many find that they begin to bring the formless into form, the unspoken begins to be spoken, and the unseen, begins to be visible.

    We take most insurances and Medicaid.