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We offer a variety of group experiences.

Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma Group 

With Hillary Welzenbach, LCPC and JR Thomas, PCLC.

Registering new members for a group that will be forming September 7 2023 weekly Thursdays at 12:30. Insurance accepted. Please call 4065412662 to register.

Even though you are not responsible for the traumatic events you endured, you have been left to manage all the challenges of recovering from those experiences. Worse there is not road map for understanding how you are affected by what happened or to guide you in recovering. That is the purpose of this class, to provide you with a map and detailed directions for the journey ahead based on the latest understanding of trauma and its effects.

Authentic Movement Group 

Ongoing Group: Thursdays at 8:45 every other week. Insurance accepted. With Hillary Welzenbach, LCPC and Cameron Bucheit, PCLC  Call 4065412662 to register. 

Boulder Hot Springs Authentic Movement Retreat 1/5/24-1/7/24. At Boulder Hotsprings. $400. With Hillary Welzenbach, LCPC  Call 4065412662 to register. 

Authentic Movement is a mindfulness based movement practice. It is done in a dance studio with individuals, and groups. In this practice, physical movement can create a bridge between the implicit and explicit memory. This can create the possibility to explore internal material, as well as the relationship between the inside and outside, seeing and being seen. As people commit to the process of Authentic Movement, slowly, many find that they begin to bring the formless into form, the unspoken begins to be spoken, and the unseen, begins to be visible.

Post Partum Support Group

With Bryann Bausch, LCSW

Registering new members for group starting October 4 Wednesdays 10:30-11:30 Insurance accepted. Call 4065412662 to register. 

Postpartum is a unique experience that comes with its ups and downs. This is a group for women on their postpartum journey who want to share some of their experience, gain support, and learn ways to recover and heal. This group will help with postpartum depression, anxiety, and transitional needs.  

Infants welcome!