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Compassionate & Caring Trauma Therapists in Missoula, MT

If you’re struggling with PTSD or trauma, choosing to see a trauma therapist can be the best possible decision for you to finally heal and move forward. Our team at Montana Center for Somatic Psychotherapy is not only highly trained but also deeply compassionate. We understand the unique challenges that trauma survivors face and tailor our therapeutic approach to meet your individual needs. Let us show you why residents throughout Missoula, Montana, turn to us for professional counseling services.

What Sets Our Therapists Apart?

Our trauma therapists are well-versed in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including sensorimotor psychotherapy, EMDR therapy, and trauma-informed stabilization treatment (TIST). This diverse skill set allows us to provide personalized and effective treatment plans for everyone, no matter where their trauma stems from.

We believe in a holistic approach to healing that considers the mind-body connection. When you turn to us for treatment, our trauma therapists will work collaboratively with you to address not only the emotional aspects of trauma but also its physical and somatic manifestations.

Your Journey to Healing Starts Here

At Montana Center for Somatic Psychotherapy, we are committed to guiding you on the path to recovery with empathy and expertise. If you’re in Missoula, MT, and seeking dedicated support to overcome trauma, our trauma therapists are here for you. Taking the first step toward healing can be both empowering and transformative, and we would love to assist you on your journey. Contact the Montana Center for Somatic Psychotherapy today to get started.