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Rest and Recover

Poor sleep, disrupted relationships, altered view of self or the world, low mood, intrusive thoughts—these are some of the symptoms of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS).

First responders, social workers, medical professionals, ambulance drivers, teachers, Health Department employees and others, who come into contact with the traumatic material of others in the course of the work, can be hurt while helping others. The high levels of burnout stemming from the stress of pandemic may make us more vulnerable to developing STS.

We at the Montana Center for Somatic Psychotherapy (MCSP) want to thank you for your service. Our highly trained, knowledgeable, and empathetic clinicians can help your employees address the effects of STS and in the process, learn effective tools and skills to increase positive coping and resiliency.

We offer short term stabilization of six session contracts for groups and individuals. We also can provide longer individualized assistance.