Our Mission


Montana Center for Somatic Psychotherapy’s mission is to provide access to the highest quality compassionate mental health care integrating the body and mind in Montana. We achieve this goal through support of our clinicians in continuing to stay at the cutting edge of treatment training. These clinicians then are able to provide warm, creative, well informed, individual, couples, family, and group counseling that incorporates the body, emotions, and the mind.


MCSP will support the best trained clinicians to help clients in Montana connect to their bodies to move out of pain physically and psychologically


6 Cs

  • Compassion- This way of loving is the center of work with our clients and coworkers
  • Collaboration- We work as a team with our clients and our coworkers to feel supported.
  • Continual Learning- Our best creativity comes out when we are always learning.
  • Core Organizer focus- We will include the body, emotion, and cognition in our case conceptualization as well as our way of being in the world.
  • Continuum of Wellness- We will look at our ability to be in the WOT and our wellness and work towards the capacity to celebrate and experience wellness in all our clients.
  • Commitment to Undoing Oppression- We will continually grow towards understanding our role in undoing oppression.