• Hillary Funk Welzenbach, BBH-LCPC-LIC-1360

    I have a masters degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Since graduation, I have studied

    • Hakomi which combines western psychology, systems theory, and body-centered techniques with mindfulness and nonviolence principles of Eastern Philosophy. https://hakomiinstitute.com/about/the-hakomi-method

    • Certifid in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy uses modifications at the basic sensorimotor level (rather than modifications at the conscious goal-oriented behavioral level) as a primary entry point in processing trauma, and aims to resolve the limitations in behavior thinking and feeling caused by trauma. https://www.sensorimotorpsychotherapy.org/about.html

    • Authentic Movement an expressive improvisational movement practice that allows a group of participants a type of free association of the body. http://disciplineofauthenticmovement.com/

    • EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), emphasizes disturbing memories as the cause of psychological distress and allevieates symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The goal of EMDR is to process distressing memories reducing their lingering effects and allowing clients to develop more adaptive coping skills. https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/

    • Circle of Security is an attachement therapy model for caregivers and children that aims to increase caregivers appropriate responses to needs for soothing and exploration, increase caregivers ability to self reflect on their own and their childs behavior, and reflect on how thier own history affects their current caregiving. https://www.circleofsecurityinternational.com/

    • Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is the gold standard of couples therapy at this time. https://iceeft.com/what-is-eft/