Bryann Bausch BBH-LCSW-LIC-41743

Life can be unpredictable, unsettling, or challenging at times. My passion is to help and empower people to navigate through their journeys by providing compassionate and attentive clinical treatment. Through the use of attachment-based therapy, I work with clients to develop a strong connection and professional relationship that allows clients to feel safe, respected, and heard. I also practice using modalities and interventions from sensorimotor psychotherapy to assist in regulating the autonomic nervous system. I have experience working with maternal mental health, trauma, depression, anxiety, and many other mental health needs.

Bryann Bausch’s degree is in Social Work and she has had the opportunity of providing clinical services to adults, couples, children, individuals, groups, and families. Bryann Bausch will be offering in-person indoor or outdoor services as well as telehealth.

Bryann Bausch’s goal is to connect to a variety of people as she strongly believes in the power of clinical support and therapeutic relationships for all. Bryann Bausch invites you to learn more about my services by contacting the practice through the contact information provided.

Level 1 trained for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy