• Cameron Bucheit

    My name is Cameron Bucheit, and I would like to walk with you on your path to wellness. I am pursuing an M.A. In Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My counseling experience includes working with children, adolescents, and adults. I also have experience working with the LGBTQ+ population. I practice with clients both individually and in group settings, having experience facilitating both process and skill-building groups. I have a person-centered base to my counseling approach. This means that I allow you to guide our course of treatment. I believe the client is the expert on themselves. The therapist’s role should be to provide the client with a corrective emotional experience, in which the client will learn to challenge distorted beliefs about themselves. This allows the client an opportunity to establish new, healthier, patterns of behavior. The therapist must remain non-judgmental and supportive of the client. The therapist should provide a safe and trusting environment for the client to share and grow.

    Treatment is individualized for each client. I often draw from adult-attachment, family systems, mind-body connection, and cognitive-behavioral therapy approaches to counseling. I place an emphasized focus on peer and family relationship patterns, paying special attention to emotion-focused communication practices and maintaining healthy boundaries. All therapeutic approaches used will be evidence based with a focus on individual client strengths.

    How does one person eat an entire elephant? One bite at a time. Allow me to help you portion out your problems and conquer them bite by bite. Seeking improvement, not perfection.